Krone Transport offers individually customized and high-quality transport solutions in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Baltic States

Transportation directions

Transport services between Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Baltic States


Krone Transport provides full and consolidated cargo transportation to/from Denmark several times a week.


We offer vehicles in the Swedish regions daily, customizing the delivery time according to the client’s needs.


We provide 24h deliveries to the Baltic States.


We provide transportation services in all regions of Norway by vehicles equipped specifically for winter conditions.


We offer transport services, from a single pallet to full load in all regions of Italy.


Transport services to/from France ensuring deliveries within 3-4 days.


We provide full and consolidated cargo transportation to/from all regions of Spain.

Benelux (BE/NL/LUX)

Warehouse and freight terminal services.

About us

Krone transport is a fast growing and dynamic company with an extensive cargo fleet, providing tailor-made, high-quality and efficient transport solutions in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Baltic States. Competent and experienced employees are the most valuable resource of Krone Transport.

Krone Transport offers:
1. Full load transport services
2. Consolidated cargo transport services
3. Completion of customs formalities
4. Cargo storage
5. Temperature maintenance
6. Cargo insurance
7. Logistics consultations


    Krone Transport works to become the first choice for the customer, offering efficient, safe and responsive solutions for each individual cargo transportation request.


    Krone Transport supports fair commercial practices, therefore, we form a reliable and transparent cooperation with our customers and partners.


    Growth is Krone Transport's main driving force, therefore, we are continually looking for new, innovative ways to develop our business operations.

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